3 Great Reasons Why To Rent A Car When Visiting Seattle

It doesn’t really matter if you are coming to Seattle, Washington on business or to relax, because when you get here there is lots to do and see. However, you won’t get to see everything if you are stuck in your hotel room unable to travel around. Yes, we have a great taxi system, but these taxi’s can prove to be expensive if you use them all day and they won’t wait around for very long. We also have great buses, but they won’t take you to exactly where you need to be and they won’t pick you up from outside your hotel. There are predetermined points of pick up and drop off, and you must go there if you expect to use the bus. It’s rather inconvenient and isn’t really conducive to traveling in comfort and style. There is another option, and we will talk about it here.

Car rental in Seattle is a great way to get around and really see the city. Having your own transport is beneficial to both business people and tourists and is a lot cheaper than you may think it is. Let’s take a look at just a few of the many advantages of hiring a car when in Adelaide.

1. Save Significant Cash

Hiring a vehicle is very affordable nowadays and the money you save renting, is money that could be spent on a better hotel or eating out in the great restaurants here. When you think of the fares that will accumulate over the duration of your stay, it doesn’t bear thinking about. With a hire car, you just have to put in your own petrol and off you go to the places that a taxi can’t take you to.

2. You’ll Have More Options

Adelaide is a very popular city to visit in Australia and when people come to our great country, they sometimes want to visit neighboring countries like New Zealand. New Zealand has always been popular, but since the Lord of The Rings movies, even more so. Camper van holidays in New Zealand have become really popular as people try to save money on accommodation. It is not expensive, and there is cheap campervan hire in NZ, where you can get some of the best NZ camper or van rentals like mini RV’s and the larger RV’s, if you want them.

3. A Plethora To Choose From

When you do decide to rent a car when you come to Adelaide, you will find a wide selection of vehicles that are very affordable and come with all the mod cons you need. Air conditioning is standard and the level of comfort is amazing. These vehicles allow you to really explore the area and you will get to see things outside the tourist traps that are really quite amazing. The countryside is there for all to see, you just have to look for it.

Hiring a car when you come to the city is a great idea. You travel when you want, from where you want, and you arrive back at your hotel when you decide.

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