Fun Stand Up Paddle Board Activities

Enjoyable Things You Can Do On A Stand Up Paddle Board

woman doing yoga on a sup

Wait a minute. There are more than just 10 things that can be done on a SUP. However, unfortunately, our space is limited and we don’t have enough room to discuss every possibility, so we thought we would provide you with our top 10.

That way if there is one SUP activity that you are not too interested in, you are sure to find another one that you are very keen on. It is all about your preferences, and with such a large number of different available possibilities, you are sure to find one activity at least that you love.

The following are some of the more standard ways that a paddleboard can be used along with some extra fun ones added in. If you don’t find one that interests you, then you must not have read the whole article.

SUP surfing

This is one of the most exciting things that can be done on a SUP. Whenever the waves are not big enough to shortboard, you can ake out a SUP and triple the wave count. Many surfers say it is one of the top cross-training options that can be done to become a better surfer. The best option to use for SUP surfing is a hard SUP surfing board since it will provide you with optimal performance for maneuverability and speed for riding and catching waves.

However, hold onto your horses. When SUP surfing, don’t make a big SUP mistake. If you want to learn how to use a traditional board to surf, see our beginner’s surfboard guide for more information.

SUP fishing

Here is a new way that you can enjoy fishing while out on the water. So whether you are just getting into the sport or are a fishing veteran, the latest and greatest trend for anglers is stand-up paddleboard fishing.

Fishing paddles these days come equipped with everything that is needed for spending the day out on the water. Some paddleboards come with Scotty mounts that attach to fish finders, downriggers, bait trays, rod holders, or whatever else you want. Compared to boat and kayak fishing (you can learn more about kayak fishing here:, there are many advantages offered by
SUP fishing to enhance your fishing experience.

SUP Yoga

SUP yoga allows you to practice yoga on the water. When compared with traditional yoga practices, it can be a lot more exciting when you see a dolphin, fish, or bird pass by while you are doing yoga. The soundtrack from nature will also send you into a state of peaceful meditation.

Yoga can be practiced on any type of paddleboard. However, for maximum comfort, we recommend that you use an inflatable paddle board that has a large deck pad.

Go Paddle Boarding with your dog or kids

Paddleboarding is a great way for you to spend quality time outdoors with those you love. There is enough room on most paddleboards for a second person to go paddling with you. Some paddle boards can hold as many as 5 to 7 paddlers at the same time. Typically these are referred to as multi-person boards. They provide enough room for your entire family.

SUP Racing

Every year SUP races take place all over the world. If you like going fast and have an intense personality, then you might be well-suited to SUP racing (either non-competitively or competitively). SUP race boards hold more volume and are skinnier and longer than average paddleboards.

SUP Touring

This involves paddling at a moderate pace over a long distance without taking any breaks. If intense workouts and epic adventures sound exciting to you, then your new hobby should be SUP touring. The boards to use for touring have wider templates for additional gear and floating more weight. A majority of touring SUPs feature a very distinct pointed nose.

Scuba dive/Snorkel

Use a SUP to explore amazing snorkeling areas. Paddle across uncharted coastlines and enjoy crystal clear waters that are full of marine life. Your SUP can be used as an anchor and resting spot for your scuba diving or snorkeling activities.

Here is a good list of places to go snorkeling: 15 USA Snorkeling Vacations Among┬áthe World’s Best | TripAdvisor Blog

Overnight Camping Trips

Do you like exploring and going on overnight camping trips? If so, pack up your inflatable SUP along with your camping gear, a cooler, dry bag, and deck bag, and take a trip with some close friends to have the time of your life. Our SUPs all come equipped with bungee cord storage areas along with D-rings to ie down gear to make it very easy to secure everything you need on your adventure. Extra D-rings can be added if you have a really big load to pack. They also can be used to attach a kayak seat.

Multi-Paddler Fun

Take one of your favorite paddlers with you and head for the water to relax and hang out or enjoy an aquatic picnic. These days, some SUP companies offer inflatable oversized paddleboards, which provide you with a really fun way to enjoy time with friends and family out on the water. Paddling a big inflatable SUP with a few friends is an excellent way to create beautiful memories and for businesses can be a great team-building activity.


Paddleboarding is among the best all-around workouts that you can do. So if you are tired of trying to work out at a crowded gym, then use paddle boarding as your exciting, new way to get fit. It doesn’t matter what kind of paddle boarding you like, it will always provide you with a good workout. Look up how many calories you can burn with SUPing. Paddleboarding provides many other types of health benefits in addition to building strength.