Super Fun Things To Do In Seattle Washington

Seattle Washington is a great place to visit with or without the family. There are many fun things to do in and around the Seattle area that lend themselves well to both young and old alike. Here are a few fun ideas to get you started.

Pikes Place Market

Near the Seattle waterfront is none other than Pike Place Market. Here you’ll find fresh seafood that will be displayed in perhaps the largest indoor fish market. Young and old alike will enjoy Pikes Place. When someone buys fresh fish you can watch as they throw the fish to other employees or even the buyer in some cases.

Children young and old will enjoy touring this fresh seafood market where any type of seafood can be found. Fresh seafood is fresh off the fishing trawlers out of the port of Seattle and surrounding areas. It doesn’t come any fresher than this folks!

Woodland Park Zoo

Head over to Woodland Park Zoo and you’re sure to have a day filled with adventure. Here you can wander through the various displays and enjoy visiting the animals. Listen in on the monkey’s and visit the wolf den. Don’t forget to stop in at the retile exhibit where you’ll see all sorts of reptiles in all sizes and shapes.

The Bird display is also full of some exotic birds that you’ll enjoy visiting with. Be sure that you’re here during feeding time to enjoy the magnificent display of plumage as the excited birds prepare to dine on their fresh foods. If you need them, they also have stroller rentals and wheelchair rentals so you don’t have to haul so much on your visit. Be sure to take the time to visit the gift shop on your way out and get some souvenirs.

Seattle Aquarium

If you’re into sea life, you’ll enjoy a visit to the Seattle Aquarium. Here you’ll see all sorts of animals that live in the sea. You’ll enjoy octopus and other deep-sea creatures that swim in the ocean. Children will enjoy various exhibits where they can touch and feel some unique textures and creatures.

You’ll enjoy reading about the various sea creatures and their counterparts as well as visit a variety of exhibits that you can read more information on and touch various objects.

Underground Seattle

If you’re into more mystery, you may wish to pay a visit to Underground Seattle. After an earthquake, they built back up on top of the damaged buildings and structures creating a labyrinth of fascinating tunnels.

Here you’ll want to discuss ghost stories and days gone by and let your imagination run wild. Keep an open mind and be sure to take some pictures so that you can see if any “ghosts” pop up in your pictures when you look at them later. Be sure to wear good walking shoes for this visit as you’ll be doing plenty of walking.

Seattle is home to a diverse culture and a variety of different things that you can visit on your trip. You’ll want several days for your visit to Seattle and you still won’t get it all in.